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The Portuguese language


Adelardo Adelino Dantas de Medeiros



The Portuguese language
1. Preface
2. History
2.1. The Pre-Romanic period
2.2. The Romanic period
2.3. The Galician-Portuguese language
2.4. Archaic Portuguese
2.5. Modern Portuguese
3. The Portuguese language throughout the world
3.1. The Lusophone world
3.2. Portuguese in Europe
3.2.a. Portugal
3.2.b. Galician
3.3. Portuguese in the Americas
3.3.a. The History of the language in Brazil
3.3.b. Brazilian dialectal zones
3.4. Portuguese in Africa
3.4.a. Angola
3.4.b. Cape Verde
3.4.c. Guinea-Bissau
3.4.d. Mozambique
3.4.e. Sao Tome and Principe
3.4.f. Other regions of Africa
3.5. Portuguese in Asia
3.5.a. East Timor
3.5.b. Other regions of Asia
4. Sources
5. Additional informations

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