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3.2.b. Galician

A majority of linguists and intellectuals consider Galician-Portuguese to form a unified linguistic group. According to this point of view, modern Galician and Portuguese form a part of the same linguistic system, albeit with slightly dissimilar written norms, similar to the way in which Portuguese differs in Portugal and Brazil, and English differs in the USA and England. The official position in Galicia, however, is to consider Galician and Portuguese as independent languages even though they share certain similarities.

More information about Galicia and modern Galician can be obtained by following the links below:

  • Institute of Galician Language of the University of Santiago de Compostela, supporter of a Galician orthography very influenced by the Castilian one.
  • Vieiros, a space for comunication and information on Galicia and Galician.
  • Portal of the Galician Language.
  • Movement for the Defense of the Language of Galicia.
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